Sorry, Coronado: You're NOT the #1 Beach in the U.S. for 2013

But you held the title for 2012 – that's good enough, right? Who took the top spot in Dr. Beach's heart for 2013?

Dr. Beach has ranked his top beaches for 2013. Coronado stood atop the heap in 2012. Photo credit: Chris Stone.
Dr. Beach has ranked his top beaches for 2013. Coronado stood atop the heap in 2012. Photo credit: Chris Stone.
So, yes Dr. Beach has moved on. Fickle he is.

Coronado – title holder, courtesy of Dr. Beach, of the top beach in America last year – gave up its crown Friday, with the announcement that a New York beach is the winner for 2013.

It's in the Hamptons, no less: Main Beach in East Hampton.

The top 10 list by Stephen Leatherman, who has ranked his shoreline favorites for nearly 25 years, is East Coast and Hawaii heavy. There are no West Coast honorees this year.

He told the Associated Press he picked Main Beach despite Hurricane Sandy's damage, because it was spared the extensive problems that hit other East Coast beaches as a result of the disaster. 

"Considering the magnitude of the storm, people will be very pleased to see that Main Beach is the way they remember it," said Leathernman, a professor at Florida International University.

One other site threw a dart at Coronado, however. Business Insider noted that the community didn't even make the 2013 list after topping it last year.

They missed one important fact: Once Dr. Beach picks a contender and the beach makes its way through the ranks to No. 1, it is no longer eligible for the title. (The web site later corrected the error.)

So like an Olympic champ, Coronado will always have its year, 2012, and surely, it is happy to make room for Main Beach among the others – Siesta Beach in Florida and Coopers Beach in Southhampton, NY – that have also come out winners.
Russel Ray May 25, 2013 at 08:38 PM
It should be noted that previous winners are ineligible in succeeding years. That, of course, means that perhaps in the year 3013 the polluted beach at the mouth of the Tijuana River might be the #1 beach!


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