Great iPhone Apps for Summer

Testing the best add-ons for your phone so you can get the most out of the hottest time of the year.

By Danielle Ryan

Tops down, hair blowing in the wind, kids hitting the pool, flight booked for vacation … it's SUMMER TIME! We did the research for you to make sure you have all the tools at your fingertips to make it one for the record books (and don’t worry we personally tested these apps to make sure they’re the best!)

1. FitnessBuilder: Since bikinis and board shorts are a must for summer, with the help of this app you will be beach bod ready in no time! 

Price: $9.99

Though expensive, FitnessBuilder is well worth the price. Stand-out features:

  • Workouts drawing from thousands of unique exercises and equipment including, weights, kettlebells, BOSU, foam roller, TRX, or no equipment needed at all.
  • Search workouts by location (hotel, home, gym, etc.), goal (arms, abs, cardio, etc.) or keyword.
  • An exercise database with incredible variety. My favorites – core yoga, Pilates, and 10 minute fat burner
  • Videos of each exercise.
  • The ability to edit workouts or create your own.
  • You can even set an entire work out plan and automatically set it to your calendar with motivational tips.
  • workouts are specialized per individual to fit your needs based on weight, height,gender and age.

I love that FitnessBuilder offers such incredible variety in their workouts and exercises.


2. timeRAZOR: Never miss out on awesome events wherever you are. 

Price: FREE

This cool iPhone app is useful whether you are at home on a staycation or on vacation across the country. timeRAZOR gives you the scoop on all the cool events and activities happening wherever you are (or wherever you are going to be). Whether you are looking for free, fun activities for your kids or local nightlife for adults, you can easily find it with timeRAZOR. Stand Out Features

  • When signing up it asks for zip codes of where you live and work and where you may be in the future.
  • Links to your iCalander so you won’t double book events with errands or already planned outings.
  • Separates events by age so you can find a fun 21-and-over concert or a family fun event for all ages.
  • If you link to Facebook it pulls events based on your interests, so it will leave out that old folk concert for your grandparents (unless you’re into that sort of thing!)

I love that timeRazor is constantly updated so you don’t miss anything, now if only there were more hours in the day to enjoy every single thing.

3. Weber’s on the Grill App: Nothing says summer more than firing up a grill.

 Price: $4.99

Pool parties, bonfires and graduation parties, you can be the next grill master with  Weber’s on the Grill AppStand out features:

  • The slick app includes 250 grilling recipes from published Weber cookbooks, and each recipe is illustrated with a mouthwatering photo. Hint: don’t try out this app on an empty stomach.
  • The Weber’s grilling app includes a host of tips and techniques where you can learn how to trim a brisket or de-vein shrimp.
  • There’s also an integrated grill timer so you never leave the food on too long. The app is a bit on the expensive side, but grilling novices and masters alike will find something to like here.

I love that the app includes step-by-step instructions so even the worst cook in the world (me!) can do it.

4. Pandora Radio App is an excellent addition to a summer party.

Price: Free

With the Pandora Radio App you don’t have to spend time creating a playlist – the app does it for you. Simply enter an artist you like and the Pandora app will create a customized playlist. If you prefer more variety, the app also includes playlists grouped by genre, including pop, rock, or oldies. Pandora has an excellent music selection, and the recommendations are usually spot on. You can also bookmark songs to buy later on iTunes. The more you interact and like or dislike the more likely your favorite hits will play.

5. Upacking App: Let’s face it–the most annoying part of any trip can be the packing

Price: Free

Some people like to pack over the course of a few days, and others like to shotgun the entire process overnight. I’ve tried doing it both ways and I always manage to forget something – toothbrush, cellphone charger, camera, sunglasses. Stand Out Features:

  • The app comes with 300 carefully thought-out items.
  • Allows you to create unlimited lists.
  • As soon as you’re done creating a list, start packing and checking off the items in your list with a few simple taps.

Everything about this app I absolutely love. When you are ready to come back home from your vacation everything your brought is saved on your phone so you won’t leave anything behind (if i had a nickel for every phone charger I’ve lost…)

Now go put on some sunscreen and soak up the sun. After all we only have 85 days of summer left.


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