Poll: Ramona and Country Estates, Choose a Walking Group

Early morning or later? Co-ed or single sex? Give us your input to set up walking groups.

One of the things I'm really happy to have done while here in Ramona is to have established a walking group. I don't want it to end with my imminent departure as Ramona Patch editor. So many of you have said you'd like to participate, but other commitments get in the way each Saturday morning. Let's keep the momentum going!

Some of you want to go earlier; some later.

Some want a co-ed group; some like the escape of just being with other women.

Some want a real workout like Mt. Woodson; some like to start out easy and chat.

Still others know they'll never make it out to the Country Estates by 7 a.m., so they want to hike closer to downtown. The same is true for those living in the Estates, who can't make it to the grasslands in time for early hikes. We may want to split into at least two groups, based on location, and still more, based on time, endurance level, etc.

Soooooo, .....

Let's take a poll, in true Patch fashion.

Maybe there are guys out there who are also looking for a way to connect and just go take a hike with some other guys on a weekend.

Give us your vote for your hiking preference, in terms of time, gender, location and endurance needed. Please remember to explain your vote in the comments and leave an email if you'd like to connect with those of like mind.

This is a great use of Patch. Please also understand that if you connect with anyone through this, you do so at your own risk. Patch cannot guarantee this person to be a great hiker, conversationalist or friend material! More seriously though, we also don't want any of you hiking in the fog at 7 a.m. with certain kinds of strangers.

On the other hand, a co-ed hiking group might be a way to find the person of your dreams!

So, please vote Ramona. And I mean this in the best way ... Go take a hike!

Julie Pendray July 03, 2012 at 05:23 PM
This morning in the fog, I met a swiftly striding woman named Cindy who kicked my butt on the trails! I hope she will weigh in on this poll & leave comments because she'd be a great person to help lead one of these groups. I'm looking for people to help leads these groups so this little vision of mine doesn't die after my departure to Sonoma. None of us is getting younger & this is a great way to stay fit, at no cost & meet new friends. So, let's kick it up a notch Ramona & get out & enjoy this amazing countryside & get in shape at the same time.
Julie Pendray July 03, 2012 at 05:24 PM
You can all leave emails here if you want to connect to hike. State your preference, so we know how to set all this up.
Ada Wildberger July 03, 2012 at 09:09 PM
This is a wonderful endeavour, Julie! I walk alot and enjoy the trails in my area of Ramona and it's always so special when I can share the time and adventure with other folks! Ramona's trails are stellar--let's get out there and BREATHE!


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