Local Students Take Part in ShakeOut

At Coronado Middle, a sixth-grade class ducks, covers and holds, as part of statewide earthquake drill.

Coronado schools participated in the “Great California ShakeOut” Thursday, teaching students how to protect themselves in case of an earthquake.

Teachers used the event not just to teach kids how to “duck, cover and hold,” (the stance they took as they bent to take shelter under their desks) but to encourage other safety measures.

Those included what to do in case one is outdoors in an earthquake (go to an open area away from buildings, structures, poles and electrical lines, such as an athletic field) and why doorways are a good option.

Lisa Knepper's sixth-grade humanities class did the drill at 10:20 a.m. as millions of students and employees at local agencies across the state participated.

Knepper encouraged her class, telling the 29 students that as long as they stayed under something hard, like their desks, even if something fell, they “will be OK.” She admitted she made a mistake and left her feet sticking out and unprotected.

Told of the fact that so many others were participating at once, one youngster exclaimed, “Wow, synchronicity is key.”


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