Starbucks Will Not Seek New Location Near Ferry Landing

The chain will not appeal the commission decision against a proposed new store, so for now it appears Coronado will remain a one Starbucks town.

For the second time in less than a month Starbucks has declined to buck local sentiment – the coffee giant will not open a second Coronado store on May 22.

The commission refused to approve a minor special use permit for the coffee chain for the proposed new store, in the 100 block of Orange Avenue.

Company officials had the right to appeal the decision to the City Council, but confirmed Thursday they will not do so.

Starbucks did not say why, but issued the following statement through a company spokesperson:

“We are focused on serving our Coronado customers at our Orange Avenue store. We’ve operated in close proximity to competitors for many years, and we know that our stores have distinct customer bases compared to local independents and other chains. Many local businesses, including competitors, choose to locate to our stores because they believe increased foot traffic will be good for business.” 

Almost four weeks ago,  at its store in the 900 block of Orange Avenue, after the City Council voiced opposition.

If the license had been approved Coronado's Starbucks would have been the first in the state to serve alcoholic beverages.



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