Road and Sidewalk Work to Kick Off Monday

First, the city will seal aging streets; the following week construction will begin on project to aid pedestrians.

It's a good news/bad news situation.

On Monday, the city will begin the process of adding slurry seals to aging streets, which should spruce up the condition of the blocks and improve visibility.

Then, on the following Monday, work will begin to create bulb-outs, sidewalk extensions that help pedestrians: they make their walks shorter and give a better view of the landscape for safer crossings.

All good, right? But on the flip side, there's the inconvenience while the work is being done, which the community already has experienced recently .

So the city is pleading for patience. Workers will post a 72-hour notice when seals are set to be placed on individual blocks.

Slurry seals will be applied to portions of: 

  • A, B and C avenues.
  • Adella, Flora, Isabella and Loma avenues.
  • Churchill, Ynez and Maria places
  • Encino Row
  • Glorietta Boulevard, and
  • 10th Street (see media box for list of exact blocks)

The bulb-out construction, which will cause traffic and crossing delays until complete, is set to begin April 30. It will take place at:

  • 3rd Street and F Avenue
  • 3rd and H Avenue, and
  • 4th Street and B

Questions about either project can be directed to the city's engineering and project development department, (619) 522-7383.


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