Q&A on Paid Parking in Coronado

The City of Coronado recently released the following short Q&A on paid parking.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
Recently, the City of Coronado has experienced a number of private property owners opting to charge for parking. Businesses are within the law to charge for parking. It is not against any Coronado regulations. There have been many questions posed to City officials and staff about paid parking. To that end, city staff has gathered some of the most-asked questions along with answers to help understand the process:  

Does the City of Coronado regulate the cost of parking on private parking lots and structures?  

Answer: The City of Coronado’s zoning regulations require that parking be provided to serve specific land uses, such as commercial establishments like retail stores. The regulations ensure there is sufficient parking for the number of visitors drawn to particular types of establishments. The City’s regulations do not address the cost of parking, or whether or not a charge may be imposed.   

Are parking lots on private property required to be made available to the public free of charge?  

Answer: Private parking lots in Coronado have not been and are not now required to be free of charge to the general public. Most of the larger private lots and structures in Coronado, such as those at the major hotels and at the Coronado Plaza, for example, have charged for parking for many years.   

Since parking lots at Walgreens and Vons have historically been free, should those businesses be expected to maintain free parking for non-customers as well as customers?  

Answer: Just as other business establishments control access to their parking lots and charge for their use, Walgreens and Vons are entitled to control the use of their parking lots. They are under no obligation by City law or regulation to allow non-customers to park in their lots. 

Does the City regulate the cost of public parking?  

Answer: Most public parking in Coronado consists of on-street parking and is free and available to anyone. The most desired on-street parking spaces, such as those on Orange Avenue, are not free, they are metered and the rates and time limitations are set according to the Coronado Municipal Code to encourage turnover.

—City of Coronado


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