Alterations to Nicky Rottens' Liquor License Remain on Hold

The restaurant is awaiting completion of the state department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's report.

's long battle to alter their liquor license, which involves the state, continues, even , begins.

“We are looking to have the final report out soon,” said Jennifer Hill, San Diego director for the state department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), of the restaurant's application for the license.

A list of conditions has been drawn up, but they have not been finalized, and even then appeals are likely, Hill said. The restaurant owners' attorney, Ron Stormoen, contends that some of the items on the list are odd and could be stricken from the final report.

These include the prohibition of happy hours and sales of pitchers of beer. The restaurant wants the changes to the license so owners can broaden their clientele and allow underage guests to dine.

Because the license is still under review, Hill would not comment on specifics in the pending report, but did explain why it was taking so long.

“It depends on the circumstances,” she said. “If there are no objections, an application can be approved in three or four months, but when there are lot of contestants it can take a long time.”

There have been objections all along, as Nicky Rottens has faced opposition from nearby residents over noise, parking and zoning issues. Those complaints have continued with ABC and each had to be examined, Hill said.

One of the “contestants” was the city of Coronado. City Hall's involvement in the ABC process is one of the complaints in the eatery's lawsuit against the city and City Manager Blair King, though Hill said “it is not unusual for elected officials to contact the ABC” with requests and concerns.

The Sept. 4 suit alleges that city officials have not taken such steps “with any other similarly situated establishment.”

“These give all my competitors an advanage and could well put me out of business,” said Tim Aaron of Nicky Rottens. “I know I've lost business because parents can't bring their kids in here. I want kids in here.”  

Mayor Casey Tanaka contends that “the conditions for the various dining establishments on the 100 block of Orange (Avenue) are similar.”

Furthermore, he said, “Nicky Rottens volunteered for and accepted the set of conditions approved at their multiple public hearings.”

At its July 17 meeting when their permits come up in January. 

Once ABC's report is issued, Nicky Rottens can accept or decline the conditions the agency places on the license. If they refuse they will be denied the downgraded license that allows for younger customers, but the owners can appeal.

“I suspect that this will go to a hearing no matter what,” Hill said. “If they [Nicky Rottens] agree, the contestants will appeal. If Nicky Rottens refuses, they will appeal.”

Mickey Mouse September 11, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Shut em down.... The plan is to turn this place into a night club, regardless of what rotten mgmt says.... FACTS: parking is a disaster there, the noise for the residents in that area will be a HUGE problem as its already quite disruptive... Try to visualize a bunch of drunken sailors bobbing down the end of Orange ave. throwing up in the gutters and yelling loudly at each other...That is NOT what Coronado needs. Hey, If you want a "Family Style" restaurant there like you say, then turn in the liquor license and open up a CoCo's or a Denny's, otherwise quite your complaining nicky. Everyone is on to your scam and it aint gonna work. You're going to be be even more "persona non grata" in Coronado if you keep this crap up...A better idea would be for you to move back to jersey with your weird "gangsta and mob" groupie fetish with you
Jimmy Colin September 12, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Wow, I think Mickey should come out of the closet and use your name. I never saw anyone staggering out of Nicky's. The place has great service and fantastic burgers. Also I have noticed other "restaurants" down the street that make considerably more noise on a nightly basis long after Nicky's is closed. I never saw a beer pong table at Nicky's or drunk sailors screaming in to a karaoki machine past midnight during the week. No Nicky's is not the problem, they cleaned up a dirty "Islands Sports Bar" and got rid of the homeless that were living in the Laundromat and haven't had a incident involving the police department since they've been open. Fact! Jimmy Colin


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