More Portraits Emerge of Fallen SEALs and Military Personnel

Many of those lost in Afghanistan recalled, while the U.S. will announce the full casualty list by Thursday. Authorities also said the insurgents who caused the deaths were killed in an airstrike.

The government, after some internal haggling, plans to name the 30 Americans who were killed when a NATO helicopter was taken down by enemy fire in Afghanistan on Saturday, the Washington Post reports. In all, 38 died, including seven Afghan soldiers and an interpreter.

Most of the dead were Navy SEALs, who train in Coronado. Though the U.S. has not yet released a list, family members continue to identify many of the Americans who died and share personal memories:

AP, via Forbes, features 17 of those who were killed.

The Virginian-Pilot reports on five Virginia Beach-based SEALs who died.

The Charleston Gazette names Nick Null, another crash victim.

The San Francisco Chronicle names Jesse Pittman, a former state firefighter.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Taliban leaders responsible for shooting down the U.S. helicopter have been killed in an airstrike.


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