Meet the Candidates for Coronado City Council

The six people running for the mayor's office and two council spots will face off Nov. 6.

Coronado Monday. It features a challenge to Mayor Casey Tanaka from within the City Council, and two former Coronado elected officials attempting a return to office. In all, four people will vie for two council seats.

Here are snapshots of the candidates culled from interviews and filings with the city.



Mayor Casey Tanaka believes the city, under his and the current City Council's leadership, has managed to maintain public service and financial solvency despite tough economic times.

“Other cities in the county and state have been forced to eliminate services and layoff employees,” he said. “In Coronado we have held the line of expenditures while assuring residents the finest municipal services to be found in California.”

Councilwoman Barbara Denny is running to “preserve our island paradise.” 

She promises to provide "the leadership to change our building-related priorites in order to solve problems caused by overdevelopment, inadequate parking and overstressed infrastructure." She also is committed to "proactive code enforcement."

“I will protect tax dollars, reduce wasteful spending and as mayor will find additional ways to live within our means,” she said.

Both Denny and Tanaka made reference to recent clashes on the council by placing emphasis on their temperaments. They are often on different sides of 4-1 votes, with Denny in the minority.

If elected mayor, Denny promises to “continue building consensus on the council while protecting our community values and providing the civil, respectful leadership our island needs.”

A measured approach is important to Tanaka as well.

“Shall we elect the angriest, shrillest voices or are we obliged to seek those who are sage, calm, open-minded and above all fair?’ he asked. “As mayor I have been rational, honest and compassionate. I listen to everyone, but I’m not afraid to speak my mind in a civil tone.”

City Council

Councilman Mike Woiwode is a retired Navy officer, who worked as an engineer and now has his own consulting business.

He and his wife have lived in Coronado for 41 years. They raised five children here. “We understand the importance of creating a family-friendly environment,” he said. “As your council member for the past four years that has been my priority.”

Like Tanaka, Woiwode sees the city’s glass as half full. “We have faced the financial problems common to all California cities: the downturn in the economy, the elimination of redevelopment, yet Coronado is solvent.”

Richard Bailey, who works as a financial analyst for Goodrich Aeronautics, sees financial uncertainty in the city and a shrinking sense of community. 

The La Mesa native places himself firmly on the side of those who want to keep Coronado’s small town character. “I will always vote for the preservation of our village neighborhoods and against McMansions,” Bailey said.

Susan Ring Keith was born in Coronado. She has been involved in the community for decades as a member of several service organizations including the Floral Association, Coronado MainStreet, Friends of the Library and the Coronado Historical Association.

She also has served on the City Council, Planning Commission and the Historical Resources Commission.

She is “committed to preserving the past, but more importantly to protecting real estate values from the negative impact of overbuilding.” She also believes in “strict enforcement of codes.” 

Jean Roesch has lived in Coronado for over 35 years and like Keith has been deeply involved in the community. She is active in Soroptimists, FOCUS and was a founding member of Coronado Christ Church Day School.

She was also a member of Coronado Unified School District's board. Currently she is on the Southwestern Community College District Board and is a representative on the oversight board monitoring redevelopment in the wake of the state's closure of the agencies.

She calls herself “a team player” and “fiscally responsible.” If elected she promises to “diligently seek creative ways to preserve and protect our city’s finances and to maintain a balanced budget.”

john sexton August 15, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I don't think Ms Tierney could find a quote from Mayor Tanaka that is more of a slam of Barbara Denny. Oh how I long for fair, accurate & balanced reporting.
Jerry Toci August 15, 2012 at 09:07 PM
Until Gloria Tierney develops basic skills to produce fair and balanced journalism, Patch should segregate her writings as "editorial opinion". Her illogical prejudice towards mayoral candidate Barbara Denny becomes the focal point of everything she writes, and this only reflects poorly on herself and Patch. To insert a derogatory comment from the other mayoral candidate while describing Barbara Denny brings discredit to our municipal election process. Unfortunately for the current mayor, the community knows there is LITTLE TRUTH to his statement, "As mayor, I have been rational, honest, and compassionate. I listen to everyone, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind in a civil tone." We are painfully aware that he couldn't care less about what residents think, and he is every outside developer's dream mayor.
Ella Croshier August 15, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Barbara Denny has earned her stripes as a councilperson representing the people. She has been a strong conservative voice urging her fellow councilmembers to tow the line on unnecessary spending. She gets my vote for Mayor.
Publius August 16, 2012 at 02:47 AM
“Shall we elect the angriest, shrillest voices...I’m not afraid to speak my mind in a civil tone.” Says the man whose been on camera yelling an octave higher at taxpayers, residents, the NASNI CO and Ms Denny. He's a bully with a gavel. Never saw Ms Denny raise her voice in three years. Tanaka's a DINO, and he's done.


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