Coronado Water Rates Among Lowest in San Diego County

Only residents in Lakeside and Yuima pay less than Coronado.

Coronado ranks third lowest in a survey of water rates throughout San Diego County, according to The Watchdog Institute.

The survey, conducted early this year, found that Coronado and Imperial Beach residents pay $53.99 for 10,500 gallons of water, the average residential monthly use, while Ramona residents pay the highest in San Diego County, $85.54.

The following are typical rates in each jurisdiction, and include rate increases approved for the coming months:

    •    Ramona $85.54
    •    Rainbow $82.45
    •    Padre Dam $77.87
    •    Vista $76.09
    •    Sweetwater $74.24
    •    Del Mar $73.84
    •    San Diego $72.03
    •    Fallbrook $69.56
    •    Vallecitos $69.09
    •    Valley Center $68.85
    •    Poway $67.62
    •    Santa Fe $66.33
    •    Oceanside $65.85
    •    Rincon $65.44
    •    San Dieguito $65.43
    •    Olivenhain $65.08
    •    Escondido $62.25
    •    Carlsbad $62.06
    •    Otay $61.50
    •    Helix $61.37
    •    Cal-Am (Imperial Beach/Coronado) $53.99
    •    Lakeside $50.66
    •    Yuima $49.93

Rates do not include additional pumping charges in some areas for high-elevation zones, and are based on a 3/4-inch residential connection, except in Sweetwater, Rincon and Yuima, which use 5/8-inch piping.

Casey Tanaka May 05, 2011 at 04:41 AM
Cal-Am takes great care of Coronado! In addition to their very reasonable water rates, they respond very quickly when crisis moments occur like when water mains rupture or when fire hydrants get hit by cars. If that wasn't enough, they have moved their regional headquarters here to Coronado (on the second story of the building where Chu Dynasty used to be located.) We are lucky to have a water provider who cares about our city and its residents!!


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