Coronado Schools Need a Reboot

A new study outlines district's technology woes.

The final report on technology at Coronado schools is in and the picture isn't pretty.

The report (see media box to the right) paints as a technological basket case. Among the problems cited: 

  • Poor leadership, training and staffing.
  • Poor security – the district lacks a basic firewall, a disaster recovery plan or a policy governing network use and access.
  • A glut of outdated equipment – hardware and software.  

“Department leadership, staffing levels and employee technical skills do not sufficiently support the district’s technology needs,” the report concluded.

The report will be presented to board trustees at their meeting at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Poor customer service was one of the areas pointed to as emblematic of the problems. Help desk tickets are not prioritized – employees can pick and chose whatever problems they want to work on, causing “a backlog and frustration among technology users,” the report said.

And the equipment itself is wanting. The study team noted an "overabundant and disorganized supply of hardware” with no current computer replacement plan. Some machines were so old they caused “a significant loss of productivity,” the report said.

The report was prepared by the Fiscal Crisis & Management Team, from Kern County. The district hired the firm in February at a cost of $10,000.

The consultants offered 13 recommendations, including:

  • Preparation of a technology mission statement, a five-year plan and a project priority list.
  • Creation of technological committees at each school site and one to oversee the entire district.
  • Staff training.

The report has Superintendent Jeffrey Felix’s blessings, and he has added a recommendation of his own: the creation of two new IT positions, a technology coordinator and a new work supervisor.


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