City Challenges Recent Homeless Estimate

A count found that 36 people live in the community without shelter, but the city argues the actual figure could be as low as six.

Coronado officials have objected to the high estimate of homeless in the community based on a recent volunteer count.

 were living on the streets or out of their vehicles based on a January count.

The city challenged the figure and questioned the method the task force used to come to it. According to the City Manager's weekly update, the volunteers witnessed just four homeless people and counted 16 cars that were “potential living quarters” for homeless people.  

The task force, the city reported, assigns two people to each vehicle, so added 32 more individuals to their homeless count.

The city argues that seven of the vehicles assumed to be a place of residence were parked at Tidelands Park and “therefore may be owned by those who moor boats” in the bay off the park.

City officials also sought more information from police officers, who have counted six homeless people in the community, “including two who have the ability to pay for housing but have chosen to live on the streets.”   


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