Critics Try to Keep 1st and Orange Front and Center

The small group opposed to the growth of restaurants near the corner come up with new ways to keep the heat on before the City Council.

The debate over restaurants in the 100 block of Orange Avenue was not on the agenda at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Yet that didn’t stop a neighbor, Marilyn Field, from trying to make sure that conditions the city plans to add for new liquor licenses would not conflict with conditions in an encroachment permit issued to , .

At its April 3 meeting, the council voted to ask the state Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) department to add conditions to new liquor licenses issued in Coronado.

They include:

  • A mandate that employees who serve alcohol receive training in how to serve drinks responsibly.
  • A stipulation that proceeds from alcohol sales not exceed those of non-alcohol sales.
  • A requirement that amplified music be turned off by midnight.

Field was worried that another requirement calling for all establishments selling alcohol to close their windows by 11 p.m. would allow Nicky's to keep its windows open longer, despite the 10 p.m. time laid out in the permit. 

If it does, she told the council “you’ve just extended our bedtime from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.”

Speaking during the meeting's open comment period, Field said that she had e-mailed City Manager Blair King and Councilwoman Carrie Downey and had not gotten a clear explanation.

“This is of great concern to myself and my neighbors,” she said.   

King and Downey assured her that the new conditions attached to licenses would not change anything for Nicky Rottens.

The critics have challenged another restaurant, , that is trying to add more liquor options to the menu. The debate is happening concurrently with other concerns over liquor licenses in the community, as .


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