Police Investigating Threat to Coronado Middle School Teacher

Officers were called in after a teacher received an anonymous threat Wednesday.

A Coronado Middle School teacher received an anonymous written threat, prompting the principal to send an alert to parents Thursday informing them the police had been notified.

In an email sent to parents, Principal Jay Marquand called the Wednesday morning incident “sad and disturbing,” and said police had questioned those involved in an effort to identify who made the threat.

The teacher was not identified in Marquand's email.

“I can assure you that we are working closely with law enforcement officers to find the person who wrote the threat,” he said.

Police confirmed the investigation and said they have no reason to believe the threat was directed at anyone else on campus.

Detectives have been assigned to the case.

“We believe the school is safe (and) a safe learning environment for children,” police spokeswoman Lea Corbin said.

School district officials said certain student infractions lead to a mandatory recommendation for expulsion. They include possession of a gun or brandishing a weapon, having explosives, selling drugs or committing or attempting a sexual assault or battery.

In the case of a threat, a student may be suspended, and expulsion is a possibility under the state education code. Students who are recommended for expulsion, however, have a right to an administrative hearing. 

In his email, Marquand also noted to parents that he explained to students in a Thursday announcement that issuing threats can have major ramifications:

“Students were made aware of the seriousness of this issue and the consequences that will follow. Furthermore, I explained how these consequences may extend beyond the school and become the responsibility of the police department and the legal system.”



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