Try It Out: Tatsoi

Looking for a new green to try out? Tatsoi might be your answer.

Sometimes, you've just had enough . And when that sad, but inevitable, moment comes, is there to take its place.

Tatsoi can be compared to mustard greens in in both taste and appearance, but it's actually kin to cabbage. The Chinese green, which is sometimes compared to bok choy, is sold at the thanks to .

If you're looking for a low-cal side dish that's chock full of vitamin A, C and K, turn to the tatsoi. The green leafy veggie is also a good source of calcium and potassium with very little calories, about 14 per serving.

Try It Out

What: Tatsoi.

Why: A refreshing change from your normal mustard greens or spinach.

When: Now! Maciel Family Farms is selling their fresh tatsoi for just $2 a bunch.

How: Laura Maciel suggests tossing the Chinese cabbage into your stir fry. She also suggests blanching it quickly and then frying it up in some olive oil with some garlic, salt and pepper for a quick side dish.

I would add some Sriracha when you fry it up for an extra kick or some freshly-grated ginger to leep things light.


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