Poll: Should We Just Give Up on Privacy? Twitter Is Latest to Invade

Social media continue to harvest our personal likes for sake of advertising and marketing.

Every time you turn around, you’re being followed. Google, Facebook and now Twitter. We learn from Huffington Post: “Twitter announced Thursday that it will use information it collects about users' browsing habits across all sites with Twitter “share” buttons to recommend accounts to follow.  By tracking individuals during their visits to websites in what the social media site calls the Twitter ecosystem (which includes any page with an embedded Twitter widget), Twitter can monitor what stories or topics each user visits most, and use that data to suggest accounts that match their interests.” So has privacy gone out the window?


deb arnold-wolford May 19, 2012 at 03:08 PM
A big YES to this question. Right to Privacy is a founding principle. With every "click," we are giving it away. "Social Media" is reshaping our culture in a very Orwellian fashion. Our youngest generation will have their bio's written, memorialized and sold for marketing puroses before they graduate high school. As a mother of four, I am not a fan.


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