Landfills Are Forever

Landfills Are Forever
Landfills Are Forever
LANDFILLS LIVE FOREVER The Dump i lived on still today exist ,but buried with all of its secrets.  Landfills are forever, like massive coffee percolators. This is the reason we should explore other uses of our refuse.

Gunn Hwy Landfill

It all started on a Tampa Landfill. Hong Kong Willie. The name of the artist. In 1958 his mother took Hong Kong Willie to an art class. The name started then. An art teacher when doing crafts out of Gerber baby bottles, made a statement, in Hong Kong reuse was common. At that time he thought this was very interesting. My father had low-land, at that time landfills were common also. The county had told Hong Kong Willie’s father, it was safe, but as we now know this was not so. Something can come from bad to be good. Hong Kong Willie the name came from that art teacher impressing on that young mind that objects made for one use could be for many other uses. Hong Kong for the neat concept. Willie for an American name.  Hong Kong Willie saw forms in a different light,  Art made from found objects, making less of a footprint on this world. Art and art teachers, HOW IMPORTANT. For the ones that have, and the ones who have not. Media can be found. Now 50 years later, we know now being green is important. We need to look at this very carefully. Our children and our world need a different understanding. Objects can be used in many different ways. Hong Kong Willie the tons of objects in his life that have been used, without much change, So for that art teacher what she did for my life. Thank You. I still have the Gerber baby bottle till this day. Hong Kong Willie.
 Update to how a landfill CATASTROPHE can be. Lithia, Florida -- A sinkhole that opened up under a Bay area landfill has county authorities on edge.. This event Happened in December of 2010. Then the smell hits. Like the sour stench that puffs up when you tie up a kitchen trash bag. TAMPA — The sinkhole in a Lithia landfill continues to grow, now measuring 80 feet wide and 60 feet deep. Landfill with gaping sinkhole  Fox World News
Landfills Are Forever


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