"Good Schools" Do not Increase Property Values

Some people support Prop E because they think “good schools” help keep property values high. The argument boils down to: Vote for Prop E because good schools make us wealthier.

Five minutes of thought will dismember this argument.  

Property values increase when buyers with new money come into the marketplace, bidding up prices. The buyers are diverse but they have this in common: they are all wealthy, and they bring their money to this community. Coronado is increasingly prosperous because wealthy people keep buying property here.  

Material prosperity confers many benefits to our schools: nice buildings, wealthy parents who can afford to be generous with their time and their money, and stable families. Our children are easy to teach, being relatively free of the big problems that plague public schools, such as widespread drug addiction, early pregnancy, and high dropout rates. This positive atmosphere attracts good teachers. Underlying this favorable mix is the material prosperity of our community.

So it’s not the case that  “good schools” will make you wealthier. The causation works the other way. Our wealth is the major reason we have good schools. 

This tax increase, like most others,  will diminish, not increase, your wealth.

If you do vote to increase your and your neighbors’ taxes, first do your homework. Does the CUSB really need this money? Have they fully proved their case? Why the big rush?

Vote NO on Prop E.

Jerry Toci May 20, 2014 at 07:36 PM
Thanks Jim, You make a valid statement. This pompous school district would have us believe the opposite. Only 37% of Coronado voters are property owners, and over 40% of property owners cannot vote here. The percentage of renters grows steadily, which fuels the school district but diminishes overall property values. Jerry Toci jtoci@san.rr.com
Gerald is a Genius May 21, 2014 at 12:01 AM
Thanks J and J. CUSB and 63% renters can't be trusted. America and Coronado went downhill fast when it started letting everyone vote and be heard. I miss the good ol days just like Jerry.
Kathleen May 21, 2014 at 01:33 AM
Gerald is a Genius you are the best! Love it!


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