Ten Reasons to Visit the Farmers Market

Change your plans around for Tuesday to indulge as fall colors bloom, avocados go out and new arrivals come in.

Have you been neglecting your neighborhood market? Tsk tsk. With the changing season, there are plenty of reasons to pay a visit to the farmers market— the food, the atmosphere, the people. Here are 10 reasons why you need to go to the market tomorrow (you know, aside from supporting some really awesome farmers).

1. Orange is everywhere

It’s fall, so it’s only fitting that you see orange at every turn at the market. Make your home and kitchen a little more autumn-y! There are:

  • Pumpkins (try out for them).
  • Persimmons (try out recipe).
  • Gorgeous orange flowers for a table setting or front porch.
  • .
  • .


2. Last chance for avocados

Sad as it is to type, avocado season is coming to an end. Only one stand at the market will have them next week and they’re going fast. Make some , spice up your sandwich or just eat them with a spoon.

Then weep 'til they return.


3. Snag a date

Remember that horrifying picture of dates from “Fresh From the Farmers Market” column? Well, they’re back. If you’re lucky, you could try a sample of Candy Felix’s date shake and grab a box or two of this insanely sweet fruit to make your own.


4. Tomatoes

Sure, we have tomatoes year-round at our market, but now is when they’re really good. have taken over the Coronado Farmers Market. I ate three in three days last week with some . Best fall snack ever.


5. Ruby fruit

Those gorgeous fruits known as pomegranates are back in. Learn and enjoy in your fall salads and chicken recipes. If you’ve never tried a pomegranate, now is the time!


6. Squash

Unfortunate name aside, this vegetable is one of the best of the season. Have you tried it roasted? It will turn a non-believer into a squash lover. It’s soft, it’s savory, it’s sweet. Squash is the perfect side dish on a cold night.


7. Maciel Family Farms

Yes, they’re getting their own category. This organic farm always has new stuff in— reason enough to get over to the market. Askif she has some dandelion or some fennel. They’ve got a new crop of each coming in.


8. Strawberries are still in

Can you believe it? are still in abundance at the market. I’ll take any fruit that makes it seem like summer is lasting longer than it actually is.


9. Pee wee potatoes

Weiser Family Farms’ pee wee potatoes are being sold via . If you have not tried them yet, buy a bag, slice the taters in half and roast with some olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Your life will be changed.


10. Because I won’t be there

It’s true, I’ll be missing from the market this week. Which means if you’re scared of getting pulled aside for questions about “,” you can breathe easy. Buy your produce in peace, my readers.


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