San Diego-Based Cruiser Almost Struck by Chinese Warship

CNN and other media sources reported that the Cowpens took evasive action to avoid colliding with a Chinese warship in the South China Sea.

USS Cowpens. Navy photo.
USS Cowpens. Navy photo.
The USS Cowpens, a guided-missile cruiser homeported in San Diego, was almost struck by a Chinese warship last week in the South China Sea, according to media reports on Friday.

CNN reported that the Cowpens took evasive action to avoid colliding with a Chinese warship in what was described as a highly unusual act by China.

The Cowpens was approached by a smaller Chinese vessel that was escorting the new Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. Despite radio warnings, the Chinese ship did not stop, and the Cowpens' commanding officer issued an "all stop" order to avoid a collision, according to the CNN report.

The Cowpens is a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser that carries a crew of 325.


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