Holiday Hot Dog: Wienermobile Rolls into Town for Coronado Christmas Parade

Cue the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. The legendary Wienermobile rolled into Coronado for the Christmas Parade on Friday afternoon. 

Patch got to ketchup with Oscar Mayer staffers Amanda and Kate (they are officially called Hotdoggers) before they lined up for the parade down Orange Avenue. The two drove the 27-foot long wiener on wheels over the Coronado Bridge and parked near Spreckels Park to offer a tour.

The bright orange hot dog with bun attracted dozens of spectators, honks from cars driving by and waves from residents already jockeying for a position along the parade route around 5 p.m.

The inner workings of the Wienermobile are magical. A side hatch door opens to reveal four bucket seats, including the driver seat. The roof is painted like the sky and pop off sunroof allows access to the top of the vehicle. The front has tons of windows that allow and 180 degree view. The rear of the wiener is where the swag is stored. And there is plenty of swag!

Amanda and Kate, who dressed up for the holidays with elf hats, were prepared to hand out holiday postcards, stickers and coveted wiener whistles (if you get one, you will understand.)

The duo are two of 12 "hotdoggers" currently traveling in six Wienermobiles across America. They were selected from more than 1,500 candidates for this one-year assignment.

Share you own Wienermobile moments with Patch by email coronado@patch.com and posting to Instagram (@TheWienermobile) and Twitter 9@Wienermobile.)


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