Last Chance to See Dracula

Go to the Playhouse for a final performance, listen to a concert, attend church for the first day of advent, watch the games, and do a puzzle! Whew!

1. Last day for Dracula: This afternoon's performance of the 's adaption of is your last chance to see the classic . The final performance is at 2 p.m. Complete your Sunday with an early dinner at the after the show.

2. Sundays mean … concerts at ! Check out Peter Hall Acoustics from 2-5 p.m. Bring the whole family and enjoy some pizza at before the . If the weather's nice, bundle up, take a stroll along the water and enjoy the view of downtown San Diego.

3. Sundays also mean … church! Coronado offers all different types of denominational services, including , , , , , and . Click on your denomination for the time of the services the church has to offer and celebrate the first day of Advent.

4. Get in the game: The Chargers take on the Colts today in Indy; listen in to your favorite sports radio for all the details on the game. Can Vick pull off another great game for the Eagles against the Bears? Tune in to Fox to find out. Check out the other 10 games going on today at and shout at the television with your favorite beer in hand.

5. Did you know? John Splisbury of England was the inventor of jigsaw puzzles? His first puzzle was a map of the world and his invention helped teachers for years, giving them a tool to help teach their students about geography. Pick up a jigsaw puzzle at and spend the afternoon working on it with the family. When you're done, glue it, hang it and admire your hard work.


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