Last Chance to Enjoy Coronado's 2012 Holiday Delights

Free parking, Lamb's Players' holiday fest and ice skating on the beach end soon.

Some of the season's best attractions in Coronado end this week (hint, remember your coins for the meter again Saturday!), while another concludes next week.

Don't miss out!

Free parking: Coronado's annual gift to the community wraps up Friday. It's the last day residents and visitors can enjoy parking outside shops and restaurants without feeding city meters. (Parking trivia: The city estimates it misses out on about $14,000 in revenue by giving the gift of free parking for part of December, but officials believe the goodwill the gesture inspires makes up for it.)

Lamb's Players' Festival of Christmas: The annual production, this time about a group of stranded travelers who find a way to celebrate the holiday, continues through Sunday.

Ice skating at the Del: Enjoy the odd, but pleasing sensation of skating on a rink on the sand beside a perfect view of the sea through Jan. 5. Further, with the chilly temperatures, it'll almost be like skating back east. (Nah, not really.)


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