Scientists Create Cream Believed to Heal Battlefield Wounds

The scientist, Dr. Burt Ensley CEO of DermaPlus, Inc. has taken part in three federally funded research projects and hopes to have FDA approval soon for his "battlefield cream."

Dr. Burt Ensley's men's face cream, DermaLastyl-M uses synthesized human elastin to restore elastic properties to damaged skin. Through research, he's been able to develop a new cream that could help men regrow tissues injured in war and heal battlefield wounds with reduced scarring. 

Carlsbad Patch asked Dr. Burt Ensley, CEO of DermaPlus, Inc., about the "battlefield cream" and when it could be available to help wounded warriors.

Patch: Explain how you became part of three federally funded studies.

Ensley: The first one was started by DARPA, the "out there" military research guys in 2005. They asked us to prepare and submit a proposal to the RFP on tissue regeneration. We collaborated with three other Companies and a University (we were called Matrix Design then) did research on our own and submitted a proposal. We didn't get funded that time around, but we had made so much progress on our own that we decided to pursue the tissue regeneration research anyway. We have since received funding from both the NSF and the NIH to work on our wound healing technology.

Patch: How does your product help heal battlefield wounds?

Ensley: Our product is the same flexible matrix that your own body uses as a scaffold to encourage cells to grow and regenerate injured tissue. There is nothing else like it, and a detailed explanation of how this works is on our web site proteingenomics.com. The fabric we make from tropoelastin can be laid down in a wound to accelerate healing. We have lots of evidence to support this.

Patch: How are you getting your product to wounded warriors?

Ensley: We are not yet allowed to use this product for wound healing in humans because we need FDA approval. We are doing work in mice at this point.

We are developing the medical applications and hope to have an application in to the FDA for wound healing within the next two years. It is a slow process.

Patch: Can women/men use the product for anti-aging?

Ensley: Both men and women can use our topical product for anti-aging because it supplements the body's natural elastin and helps reduce the formation of wrinkles (and their appearance). We have a clinical study that shows it's as good as Botox in wrinkle reduction.

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