No Reason to 'Wine A Bit' Over a Name Change

WineStyles at 928 Orange Ave. in Coronado has a new name—Wine A Bit.

After six years as Coronado’s only wine bar, WineStyles has changed its name to Wine A Bit. The business has been growing and evolving ever since it opened. They now have over 350 people in their wine club alone.

Owners Pattie and Dale Nordengreen expanded their shop into full retail operation that not only sells wine by the glass or bottle, but also craft beers, gourmet chocolate truffles and artisan cheeses.

Patch: Why did you change the name of the shop?

Patti Nordengreen: We’ve been operating for the past six years as part of the WineStyles franchise. We finished with our contract this year. Since we were no longer part of the franchise we needed a new name.

Patch: Where did the name come from?

Patti Nordengreen: We have a flag that says wine a bit in front of the store. Many people thought that was our name. We’d hear them on the phone saying hey meet us at Wine a Bit. When it came time to change our name, we figured that was a pretty easy transition.

Dale Nordengreen: We also wanted to relay the sense of fun and a relaxed atmosphere we have here. The new name did that.

Patch: Why a franchise?

Patti Nordengreen: We were new to the industry. Opening up as a franchise and having all the things that a franchise offers was invaluable. We were both working in IT (information technology). We had never run a business before.

Patch: Do you think the name change will affect your business?

Dale Nordengreen: No. We have a tremendous level of support here. Most of our customers come in and say it doesn’t matter what the name is, we come in because of you guys, the staff and the atmosphere. It’s fun and relaxed.

Patch: Besides the name change, what else is new?

Patti Nordengreen: We’ve revamped our menu with new appetizers and great wine pairing. Everything else is the same: wine tastings with live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday; the wine and dine program that lets you buy a bottle of wine here take it to one of eight local restaurants without paying a corkage fee.

Dale Nordengreen: It’s still the same great wine, same owners same employees, same relaxed atmosphere. 


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