San Diego Zoo Launches an Idea Incubator

The Centre for Bioinspiration seeks to develop research into viable products that can be licensed to manufacturers.

San Diego Zoo Global has announced the launch of the Centre for Bioinspiration, a product incubator that will take nature's best ideas and apply them to solving human problems.

The new division focused on a research trend called "biomimicry" will be led by Larry Stambaugh, a longtime entrepreneur.

"Through the years, nature has faced all of the challenges that we humans face today and has solved them," Stambaugh said. "If we look at nature, we can find solutions to almost any challenge, like developing sustainable building materials or nontoxic advanced color solutions."

Stambaugh will take knowledge gained by zoo scientists and animal care staff on the biology of plants and animals and work with public, private and academic organizations around the world to develop products that will be licensed to manufacturers.

A study by the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University projected that a San Diego bioinspiration hub could add $325 million to the region's gross regional product, $162 million in total personal annual income, and 2,100 jobs over 15 years.


– City News Service

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