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He Doesn't Need Another Tie! On Father's Day, Immortalize Dad on Patch

Need a gift idea? Tell your neighbors your dad's #1 right here.

Looking for Father's Day gift ideas? Well here's a new one — how about giving dad some Internet fame?

You know he's the world's greatest, but until now spreading the word has been limited to who sees your coffee mug, barbecue apron and t-shirt.

But this is the 21st century.

There's no longer any reason to hide dad's awesome ligh under the bushel of novelty drinking vessels and sportswear.

Imagine his surprise Father's Day morning (which is Sunday, by the way) when you hand him a laptop, smartphone or tablet and show him the glowing article you've written about him on Patch.

It's fun, free and easy to do too — just follow the instructions at this Blog on Patch link and you'll be ready to start in no time. You can even add photos and videos.

And you can use your blog any time you like afterward to write about anything happening in your neighborhood.

Or keep it simple –  just upload a great photo of your dad to this story and write a bit about him in the caption. He'll love the attention and maybe even get a little misty from the sentiment.

Another option to honor dad: Please see Share the Best Advice Your Dad Ever Gave You.


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