Friday the 13th: Scary or Not?

Are you superstitious or blase about the day?

So Coronado, Friday the 13th … scary or overblown? 

If you say overblown, well, there's three this year (the first was in January). The last time that happened was 2009. Prepare to be annoyed again in July.

If you say scary, plan ahead. Take the next one off and duck under the covers, watching Netflix and clutching your blue blankie.

Me? I'm a little indifferent. I'm swayed by a superstition or two, but my mom swears she has good luck on Friday the 13th because the numbers are her birthday in reverse.

If you want a wee bit of background, let National Geographic clue you in on the math and the myths behind Friday the 13th. 

There's also some unusual and terrible things that have happened on Friday the 13th, courtesy of LiveScience.com. They include a tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands and Hitler's Blitz on London.

Makes the stubbed toe you might blame on Friday the 13th seem mild, no? But then again, according to National Geographic, up to $900 million is lost because of people who do not take part in their normal activities on the dreaded day.

Where do you fall? Do you go about your business as if it were the 12th? Or do you have tales of woe about the misfortunes that have befallen you on Friday the 13th? Share in the comments below!

And hey, at least one really good thing has come out of superstitions in general: Stevie Wonder's song about them. Listen in the media box.

Justin Cox April 13, 2012 at 05:47 PM
I'm going with overblown, although I do enjoy Friday the 13th. I used to write for a small town newspaper that would throw a party in the newsroom every Friday the 13th. They wouldn't send out any invites or do any promotion. It was available only to people who learned about it over time. I really enjoyed it as small town newsroom tradition. As for being scared... not me. Also, thanks for providing the Stevie Wonder jam. I enjoyed it.
Jennifer Vigil April 13, 2012 at 06:04 PM
A Friday the 13th party – I like that. But journalists are contrarians!


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