Artists from Around the Country Flock to Coronado

The Art Walk offered a mosaic of arts and crafts for locals and visitors to buy or admire.

Coronadans and people from throughout the region celebrated the arts Saturday and Sunday as Coronado Art Walk brought 103 artisans to the Ferry Landing to display their work. 

The styles and media were as diverse as the artists themselves. They came from all over the southwest and as far away as Connecticut. Some like Carol Stelios are highly regarded professionals. For others, like Eddie Murray Pietrzak, art is an avocation.

Stelios designs jewelry for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian. Coronada Pietrzak makes pictures by photocopying flowers at a local shop. Both were doing a brisk business.

“I love this event,” said artist Vaughn Nelson. “I do a lot of shows, but this is one of the best – the clientele is good, the location is good, the organization is amazing.”

The Art Walk also has a growing reputation for drawing a large and sophisticated crowd, eager to buy, not just look.

“I’ve heard so many good things about this show. I’m happy to have finally made it,” said digital artist Susan K. Smith, who’s a member of the Spanish Village Art Center.  

The crush of art lovers had a positive impact on other businesses at the Landing, especially eateries. “It’s never been so busy. It’s seems like I’ve been brewing a pot of coffee every five seconds,” said Stephanie Pelayo at Coronado Cupcakery.

Luis Acosta of Candelas agreed. “We’ve been really busy, crazy busy.”


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