Patch Pet: Yodie

A senior Chihuahua who gets along with other dogs and likes to stay close.

Yodie is a senior Chihuahua who was turned in to the Coronado Animal Care Facility with long-time pal and companion . Both of these lovely dogs came to us as a result of the death of their owner.  

Yodie is nine years old and weighs 8 lbs. She has a very nice and calm personality. She is totally content to sit quietly by your side. She would probably do best in a home with older children because of her petite size.

Her walkers state that it appears that she may have a fear of being stepped on while on a walk, so keeping this girl close to you is just fine with her. Because she has been living with Lotus for a long time, she would probably get along fine with another dog. It is not certain how she reacts with cats. Please give her a chance to be back in a home again.  As one of our volunteers said, she is just a very nice dog!

Other pets are available for adoption at the Coronado Animal Care Facility, 1395 1st St. Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-4 p.m., everyday but major holidays.

To check out other animals needing homes, please view our websites: pawsofcoronado.org and petfinder.com.  

All our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on their immunizations prior to their adoption. PAWS of Coronado would like to announce our new program, Feline Baby Boomers/Senior to Senior Adoption. Cats of 10-plus years adopted to parents 55 and over get a reduced fee of $35 for the first cat, $15 for the second.



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