Patch Pet: Chase

This kitten shows charisma and has a lovely coat.

Chase is a male kitten, with medium-length grey/white fur. His date of birth is estimated to be early June.

He’s gorgeous and a boy with personality plus. Smart and filled with that air of curiosity, he’ll be one to stay involved with the family. This youngster is a charismatic guy who will entertain you with his antics and fun spirit. Take the time to play with him and he’ll keep you feeling young in body and mind.

This kitty and other pets are available for adoption at the Coronado Animal Care Facility, 1395 1st St. Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-4 p.m., everyday but major holidays.

To see and read about other animals needing homes, please view our websites: pawsofcoronado.org and petfinder.com.  

All our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on their immunizations prior to their adoption. PAWS of Coronado would like to announce our new program, Feline Baby Boomers/Senior to Senior Adoption. Cats of 10-plus years adopted to parents 55 and over get a reduced fee of $35 for the first cat, $15 for the second.


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