A Great Escape—and You Don't Even Have to Get Out of Your PJs!

A great escape involving wine, cheese, pajamas and romance.

What is a great escape? For some it is a weekend away with a loved one. For others, it is an hour getting lost in a good book while the children are napping. It might not be the greatest adventure of your life, but it's your time—take it. 

The forecast is calling for rain this weekend—again! (Insert BIG sad face here.) I'm going to be honest here and admit that this weekend's great escape is something that I did last weekend. It was such a treat that I had to share it with the rest of you. 

All the rain last week had me and the kids cooped up inside the house for days. It was awful. By the time Friday rolled around, I was in major need of some relaxation. I called my husband at work and told him to make plans with the boys that night. Then, I marched myself down to the with the kids in tow and rented Atonement. Next, I dragged everyone down to and bought myself some delicious cheese and a fresh baguette. Finally, we headed over to , and I picked up a bottle of red wine that was on sale. I think they have a wonderful selection of moderately priced wines. Plus, if you buy six bottles you get 10 percent off. What a great excuse to stock up on wine! 

I put the girls to bed early, made myself a nice cheese plate, popped the DVD in, and cozied up on the couch. It was awesome. Not only did I get some much needed alone time, but I got bonus points for giving my husband a "hall pass" for the evening. Ha! Little does he know that he's the one who did ME a favor. Don't you dare tell him I said that either. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

BE Styled February 24, 2011 at 07:37 AM
I love your articles. What a great idea for an escape. Here is a favorite of mine. There are a lot of great Spa's in Coronado and I have been to most of them...but I have to say, I just love the One Hour Foot Treatment for $55 at Orchid Day Spa, next to the post office in Coronado...the best part is that I don't have to plan ahead to go there...one, cold, rainy Sunday evening after my son was tucked into bed, dishes were washed and hubby was watching t.v. I popped out and went over to Orchid around 8pm and walked right in for my one hour escape of affordable, tranquil, relaxation!


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