Princess Samantha Kennedy

Princess Samantha Kennedy-Honored Poet and Artthor
Princess Samantha Kennedy-Honored Poet and Artthor
Can you please remove the hateful and slanderous postings in your news about me.  My son and I filed a claim against Paramount Pictures for the motion Picture Titanic.  The news article written by Mr. Johnson said I said I was related to Queen Elizabeth and that my sister was Rose and my father was Jack, this is totally wrong.  Also, people have said the most hateful and malicious about me, very slanderous.  The judge dismissed our case because we had no attorney.  My son was honored by President Clinton and Adam appeared on television, he is autistic and very sweet.  I am a disabled woman, but, I was honored three years in a row with medallions for Poet and Author by the City of San Diego, The Library and The Mayor at the The Town and Country Ballroom.  Years ago I worked for Paramount Pictures, I studied with producers at Paramount Pictures and Paramount Pictures and I shared the same literary agent.  The judge did rule that Paramount Pictures had my writings, which is intent to copy.  I am under a doctor's care because I almost died a couple of months ago from internal bleeding brought on by the trauma of this and your bloggers hateful and malicious comments.  I do not want my grandchildren to see this, I am 56 years old February 3, 2014.  Please remove these mean remarks, very damaging.  We will probably sue James Cameron over the screenplay.  We love living here, but, what has been posted in your paper is with much malice.  You have a policy against actions such as these bloggers,  sincerely, Princess Samantha Kennedy

Princess Samantha Kennedy February 11, 2014 at 07:23 PM
Thank you for allowing me to request removal of these hateful bloggers remarks. I love you newspaper and I have lived in the county almost all my life, almost 30 years. http://about.me/princesssamanthakennedy36 http://princesssamanthakennedy.com http://www.facebook.com/princesssamantha.kennedy


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